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Vegas to Encinitas - 9th February

Looking good Rayls
Looking good Rayls

Nearly 500 K's today as we drove from Las Vegas to Encinitas which is roughly half way between Los Angeles and San Diego. We are 157 K's from LAX.

We left Vegas around 9:30am and drove down I15 towards LA and continued down to Encinidas, just down from Carlsbad. Nice area, very green, temperature in the mid 20's. We are booked in for 2 days but may stay an extra day. 

Legoland is nearby. $US117 for a day pass, that's over $150 AUD. Ridiculous.

Not sure what is on tomorrow, Thursday we meet up with Rayls friend.

Encinitas - 10th February

Rayls has had a fair bit of pain in the right leg over the past 10 days or so. We even went to the ER in Cedar City to rule out deep vein thrombosis.

Today it all caught up with her and after breakfast I took her an Urgent Care facility. Took a while to be seen but the nurse who saw Rayls diagnosed sciatica and prescribed some medication.

So after getting the medication we returned to the hotel room. Rayls slept and did seem to get a bit better.

The nurse that saw Rayls, Nicole, was just wonderful. Lovely young lady.

Encinitas - 11th February


Rayls had a very slow start to the day, her medication makes her sleepy.

By lunchtime we were able to head out to a couple of quilt shops and some food. Also went to a Home Depot to look for ideas for home.

Now it's coming up to 8pm and looking forward to tonight's Big Bang Theory which was the one we saw taped a few weeks ago.

The medication seems to be working, Rayls is slowly improving, better than she has been for weeks.

Encinidas - 12th February

Another slow start but we did manage to join up with Carrie, an Instagram pal of Rayls at Einsteins Bagels. Very pleasant sitting outside and chatting. Given that Carrie lives so close to LA I am sure she and Rayls will meet again on a future trip.

Rayls is still very tired from the pain and medication so we went back to the hotel for a rest.

In the mid afternoon we headed out to Vista where Rayls checked out Fat Quarters Quilt Shop. then it was dinner at avDennys before heading bCk to the hotel along the coast. Beautiful sunset at Carlsbad.

Back at the hotel by 6:30pm and a quiet night.