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2nd April - Los Angeles

Nice quiet day in Carson with Marie, Charlie and Harley.

Lucille's for dinner.

3rd April - Los Angeles

Today we went to the Westwood Village Memorial Park and Mortuary which is located just off Wilshire Boulevard. Although it is the resting place of some of the entertainment industry's greatest names, it also contains the graves of many uncelebrated people. For example, when Marilyn Monroe died in 1962, Joe DiMaggio, responsible for Monroe's arrangements, chose Westwood not because of its celebrities but because it was the resting place of Monroe's mother's friend, Grace Goddard, and Goddard's aunt, Ana Lower, both of whom had cared for Monroe as a child.

There are hundreds of celebrities at rest here. Monroe, Jack Lemmon, Walther Matthua and Burt Lancaster to name a few. I particularly wanted to see Don Knotts and Bob Crane. 

4th April - LA

Just another quiet day, very pleasant.

5th April - LA

Our last day and as always... we enjoy our time in the USA but look forward to going home.

Our hosts Maria and Charlie have been wonderful. Sadly Charlie has been away looking after his elderly Mother.

We left the house around 7pm, refuelled (that tyre is down to 8psi but ehh). Our last US meal was to be an iHop but we couldn't find it so ended up at at Maccas. Sad!

Getting to the airport took a little longer due to losing the 405 for the 110. Then traffic in the airport was just horrendous - took 30 minutes to get to the international terminal where I dropped off Rayls with the luggage. Then I battled my way through the traffic to the Alamo Rental office and left the car.  We did 4726 kilometres in the car. Apart from the tyre issue it went fine.

The shuttle bus got me back to the terminal - Rayls had managed to get a trolley and was waiting in line.  Check in and security was quick and we were a bit over an hour early. Sadly QF12 to Sydney was at our gate and ran very late and so our flight was delayed about 45 minutes which we picked up on the way to Melbourne.