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San Diego 30th March

San Diego
Gaz and Rayls - San Diego

The last time we were in San Diego was in 2003. Nice place and is a sister city to Perth.

We had breakfast in our room, cereal - I like my cereal, healthy and cheap. Be nice to have a cuppa though.

We headed down to San Diego mid morning - it's 150 K's along I5 and is just 3 or 4 K's short of the Mexico border at Tijuana.

We spent a pleasant few hours wandering around the city centre. Some nice shops, San Diego is a pretty city, a lot like Perth but with nice wide roads that don't seem to be clogged with roadworks. I had hoped to have lunch at Croce's Restaurant but alas it was closed. I am a fan of 70's singer Jim Croce and this pace is run by his wife Ingrid and has lot's of memorabilia. Maybe next time.

We also checked out the harbour area - very pleasant.

Then it was off to check some quilt shops for Rayls. The first two were duds, closed up for good. We did manage to find 3 stores and Rayls made some purchases and spent a happy few hours exploring. One of the stores was in a town called La Mesa. Very pleasant place, village type, and I enjoyed a look around.

We ended up at Hunter's Steakhouse where we had dinner 8 years ago and have fond memories of that. Not as nice tonight but still a great dinner albeit a tad expensive.

Headed back along I5, some nice sunset views and ended up back in our room at 8pm. Tired and happy after a good day.