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3rd April 2011 - Sacramento


So here I am near Sacramento watching the last few minutes of Independence Day on HBO. We are in a Quality Inn in Woodland, about 30 K's north of Sacramento in Northern California.

We headed out from our hotel just a bit after 10am and being south of LA had to take the 5 past downtown to head north. No problems, the road was clear all the way - a breeze. The 5 actually starts at the Mexican border just south of San Diego and goes north to the Canadian border just above Seattle.

We had a fuel stop just out of LA and kept heading north.

Just after Stockton we stopped for a photo op in Lodi. This is the town that John Fogerty wrote about in the Creedence Clearwater Revival song Lodi. I thought this was just a one horse town, I guess the lyrics of the song may have given me that impression. However, it is a large town and quite nice and our photo op 5 minutes ended up being a 2 hour visit as we had a look around. 

Around 6pm we headed on the last 60 K's into Sacramento and then a bit beyond to Woodland. Just over 700 K's today, a long haul. Aiming for Medford in Oregon tomorrow - around 450 K's away.

Enjoyed our time in LA, really nice to spend some time with Scott and looking forward to the road trip over the next 2 weeks or so.