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12th August 2015

The prices were good so we took the plunge and booked a trip for 2016. 24th January 2016 is our 40th wedding anniversary and that's a good excuse to spend some time in our favourite place.

17th January 2016 - QF642 Perth to Sydney  Departs 08:50 (Sun) Arrives 16:00 (Sun)   Duration: 4h 10min
17th January 2016 - QF17 Sydney to Los Angeles  Departs 18:25 (Sun) Arrives 13:05 (Sun)   Duration: 13h 40min

15th February 2016 - QF94 Los Angeles to Melbourne  Departs 22:15 (Mon) Arrives 09:05 (Wed)   Duration: 15h 50min
17th February 2016 - QF475 Melbourne to Perth  Departs 11:05 (Wed) Arrives12:10 (Wed)   Duration: 4h 05min

It's going to be nice to leave the summer heat and head to the USA in the nothern winter, especially Utah where it is bound to be very cold with a good chance of snow.