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Americans usually are very friendly.  If you are an Aussie they are even friendlier, they seem to have a love affair with Australia and everything Australian.  There are probably a few reasons for that  - we can thank Paul Hogan for chucking a shrimp on the barbie (of course a shrimp is not really an Aussie term but crikey mate).  Then there was Steve Irwin!  During our 2001 trip everyone was talking about the Crocodile Hunter and at that time we had never heard of him.  He was far bigger in the USA than he ever was in Australia.  Of course the fact that us Aussies are such nice people helps a lot as well.

So how do we make sure the Americans know that we are Aussies?  Good point........ try talking!!!!   Also a cap or tee shirt with a kangaroo on it can help.  If you want to meet a fellow Aussie then wear something from your local Australia Rules Football team - that will attract them.  We have had football conversations with people in National Parks and at 3am at some out of the way gas station - the guy behind the counter asked 'you're Australian! How are Essendon going?'

During our cross country exploits of 2006 we never once heard any one swear.  Try spending seven weeks driving across Australia and back without hearing someone swear.   It couldn't be done.   There must be bad Americans out there but we never seem to come across them in our travels.

Some Americans can lack a bit of knowledge about the rest of the world.  At one car rental counter the lady asked what part of the UK is Western Australia in!!

Many Americans will assist you if you are lost - once a bus driver in the middle of peak hour Manhattan saw our desperation - the GPS was driving us crazy and the map was next to useless.  He motioned for Rayls to wind down the window and had us on the right track in minutes.  The guy deserved a medal.