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Cedar City

Sunday 12th August, 2001

Gary awoke early and worked on his trip diary.

At 7:00am we finished packing and hit the road on 91E.

At 8:42am we reached Barstow where we stopped for fuel and to stretch our legs.  Cool place Barstow.

Amy let Gary drive into Las Vegas, we made it anyway.   Lunch at Carrows just opposite the MGM Grand.   It was very hot here, well over 100F.

We drove down The Strip, Amy driving again and then at 1:15pm we headed north on I15.   For a short time we leave Nevada and enter Arizona and then its into Utah where we have a rest stop in St George.

At 4:55pm (Utah time) we make it to Cedar City, a beautiful part of the world.  Elevation 5,000 feet and the most scenic of places, especially from the front of Amy's house.

We meet Amy's husband Steve, unpak and have a really nice barbeque dinner.

Monday 13th August, 2001

A day for laundry, shopping and relaxing.

Gary and Rayls go with Amy and Steve to Cedar Breaks where Steve is the Park Ranger. Really cool log cabin up there.

A pleasant and quiet day.

Tuesday 14th August, 2001

Steve has a Cessna 172 and today he flies, with Rayls and Scott, from Cedar City, over the Grand Canyon and back to Kanab.

About a half hour later Gary, Amy and Daniel drive from Cedar City to Kanab where they meet up with the intrepid aviators - not sure if Scott felt that intrepid.

We buy lunch at Subway and then drive to the Grand Canyon, north rim.  The north rim is the less populated, less touristy!.   Eat our subway lunch in the visitors centre car park.

View the Canyon from Port Imperial and Cape Royal and then back to the visitors centre, gift centre and lodge.

Then its a drive back to Kanab where we split up - Amy, Scott and Daniel in the car and Steve, Gary and Rayls fly back to Cedar City.

We arrive back at the house at 8:30pm.

Wednesday 15th August, 2001

Another day spent mostly relaxing.  Gary and Rayls checked out a record store with Amy.  Also checked out the Wal-Mart.

We set up the table tennis table in Amy's garage and many epic games were played over the next few days.

Tonight we had a Thanksgiving Dinner.  It's not Thanksgiving of course but Amy was kind enough to provide a sample of what it is like when the the real thing comes along.

Evening spent watching TV.

Thursday 16th August, 2001

Today, Amy, Gary, Rayls and Scott drove the 200+ miles up to Salt Lake City.

We stopped off at a Quilted Bear store in Provo.

Arrived in Salt Lake around 1:00pm and looked around the city before having lunch at Dee's.

At 2:00pm Gary and Scott were dropped off at the E Center.  Rayls and Amy went off shopping.

Gary and Scott lined up for the wrestling event they were there for.  This was a WWF Smackdown.  Great seats just 10 metres from the stage and a good entertaining night with The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin putting on a real performance.  The wrestling started at 6:00pm and at 8:10pm we called Amy and arranged to be picked up.

At 8:25pm we started out on I15 southwards back to Cedar City - we stopped off for Burger King and arrived home at 0:45am.

Friday 17th August, 2001

Today is listed in the diary as a quiet day.