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Cedar City

Day Twenty Nine - Sunday 23rd April, 2006 to Day Thirty Nine - Wednesday 3rd May, 2006

We are very lucky to have such great friends like Amy, Steve and their son Daniel. Who just happen to live in such a great part of the world. Cedar City isn't too big but has all the facilities you need and the scenery is just awesome.
Amy has been an email pal for over 10 years now. Every day we write a few words to each other about what is going on and it has made an interesting diary of our lives over these years.
Steve is Amy's husband and he is a Park Ranger at Cedar Breaks National Monument.
Daniel is there soon to be 13 year old son. Their daughter Katie is away at college.
We feel very comfortable here and much of the time has been spent lounging about and watching movies on TV. Amy and Steve have quite a DVD/video collection.
One day we went to the movies and saw RV with Robin Williams.
Twice Steve went flying in his Cessna 172. The first time just Gaz went along and we flew over Kolob Canyon, Zion National Park and then back over Cedar Breaks and Brian Head before landing again. Cedar City Airport is at over 5,000 feet altitude and we need to get to around 12,000 feet to get over some of the mountains. The scenery is just unbelievable and we are way higher than at any point in Australia.
On the second flight both Rayls and Gaz went along and this time we flew to the Grand Canyon. This flight was even better than the first. The advantage we have is that Steve is able to point out areas of interest and he has such a vast knowledge. We both really enjoyed the flight and took 111 photos.
Both flights were very smooth with only minor turbulence on occasions.
Amy took us up to Brian Head in the car. It is around 45 minutes drive away and she just drove as far as she could before the road was blocked with snow. Brian Head is the highest point around here and a ski resort where we both tried skiing (unsuccessfully) on our last trip. The resort is closed for the summer season now but there is still plenty of snow and we all had some fun with snowballs and big chunks of ice that made our hands hurt.
We have done some shopping, eaten out at some nice restaurants and tried some of Amy's fine cooking. Amy has just bought both a bread maker and rice cooker and she has experimented on us with both. Luckily the experiments worked out great.
It has been a very relaxing few days - we have really enjoyed ourselves and we will be sad to leave.