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Walmart Trucks

The Walmart Truck count (officially Walmart Truck Count Inc.) started on the 2006 trip as a way to pass time as we drove long distances in the USA. I was the inaugural winner picking the exact number of trucks we would see on a drive that took us from LA to NYC and return.

The rule is you have to pick the number of trucks you think you will see and be within 5 of the total. No point on being the closest when you are still 100 off the number.

The trophy is a model Walmart Truck kindly donated by my pal Jim who bought the model from the first Walmart store. The trophy, like the Ashes, stays put - in the case of the Ashes at Lords, in the case of the model truck in the Hartman's lounge room.

Eldest son Ryan is the current champion having won the count on the 2013 Quilt Bash. That last day started out with Susan a definite winner but alas for her we saw over 50 trucks between Las Vegas and Los Angeles and Ryan was the big winner.

Rayls is the sole judge and overall boss of the Walmart Truck Count Inc. and no correspondence will be entered into.

Current Total



Rayls 123. Gaz 154. Ryan 97. Anka 116.

17th January Nil
18th January Nil
19th January Nil
20th January 40 - Driving between LA and Vegas
22nd January Nil
23rd January 2
24th January Nil
25th January 2
26th January 3
27th January Nil
28th January 12 - Driving between Vegas and Cedar City
29th January Nil
30th January Nil
31st January 3
1st February Nil
2nd February Nil
3rd February 4 - Driving from Cedar City to St George and back
4th February Nil
5th February 19 - Driving Cedar City to Salt Lake City
6th February 19 - Driving Salt Lace City to Cedar City
7th February 13 - Driving Cedar City to Las Vegas
8th February Nil
9th February 28 - Driving Las Vegas to Encinitas 
10th February Nil
11th February Nil
12th February Nil
13th February 1
14th February Nil
15th February Nil